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You have to determine your co-examiner/s, in agreement with your supervisor, no later than three years following the date of provisional admission. The Doctoral Committee of the Department (“Doktoratsausschuss”) approves a co-examiner based on an application from the doctoral supervisor. During the procedure further experts can be nominated and reviewed by the Doctoral Committee.

The following co-examiners do not need approval from the Doctoral Committee:

  • Full professors at ETH Zurich
  • Associate and assistant professors of ETH Zurich
  • SNF sponsered professors

Required: Please send an e-mail to the MTEC doctoral administration (cc to your supervisor) with name and further details (if he/she is not from D-MTEC).

All other examiners and co-examiners require approval from the Doctoral Committee:

  • Titular professors
  • PDs (Privatdozenten)
  • Other internal ETH Zurich scientific personnel
  • All external examiners and co-examiners.

Required: The supervisor hands in (by letter or e-mail) the following required documents for all other co-examiners to the doctoral administration of the department, who then submits them to the “Doktoratsausschuss”:

  • proposal
  • the cv
  • the publication list

After approval, the Academic Services is informed.
No other form needs to be submitted.

Evaluation of the thesis and doctoral examination

Co-examiners co-evaluate the written doctoral thesis and participate in the oral doctoral examination.

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