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The tasks of the Doctoral Committee are based on the provisions of the ETH Zürich [RS ETHZ 340.31]. The Doctoral Committee is composed of at least three professors elected by the Department’s Conference.

The D-MTEC Doctoral Committee's competences encompass the following:

  • Admission applications from doctoral candidates presented for a statement by the Rector’s office
  • Proposal and approval of additional qualifying exams for PhD applicants in cooperation with the dissertation supervisors
  • Approval of chairperson of the examination committee
  • Approval of research plans
  • Approval of external doctoral studies
  • Approval of external co-supervisors
  • Approval of external dissertation (outside the ETH domain)
  • Approval of credit points earned outside the ETH domain
  • Award nominations presented by D-MTEC professors (as supervisor of the doctoral thesis) for concluded theses; the decision of the Professors Conference is submitted afterwards to the Rector’s office as a suggestion of the department
  • Elaboration of guidelines for doctoral studies

The Doctoral Committee is supported by a doctoral program administrator, “Doctoral administration office D-MTEC”.
Members of the Doctoral Committee (“Doktoratsausschuss”) of the Department D-MTEC are:

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