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Doctoral Studies

Doctoral candidates organize the doctoral studies in accordance with the supervisor.

Doctoral Programme in Management

The doctoral programme in management provides the opportunity to extend your knowledge and understanding regarding relations and interactions between technology, organizations, and resources.

Doctoral Programme in Economics

The doctoral programme in economics provides complementary education in a wide range of economics (micro, macro, energy, environmental, political) and in econometrics.

Please note: ETH Zurich offers no transcripts in connection with its doctoral program as there are no formal course requirements. Research can begin without further conditions after completion of a Master's degree.

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Credit Points (CP's)

  • All doctoral students at the D-MTEC have to acquire 18 credit points during their doctoral studies.
  • Doctoral candidates organize the doctoral studies in accordance with the supervisor.
  • At least 4 of the credit points to be obtained must be earned outside the doctoral candidates’ field of research. Furthermore, the doctoral candidates are expected to earn at least 4 credit points at ETH.
  • When taking courses from the ETH Course Catalogue, examinations have to be taken and passed as indicated in order for the credit points to be awarded.
  • CP's from conferences and language courses will not be assigned.

Please also see the Detailed Regulations for Doctoral Studies in D-MTEC (see Documents section).

Proof of aquired credit points

The credit points have to be confirmed by:

Proof of CP's acquired at the University of Zurich (UZH)

All courses of the University of Zurich have to be booked online. Starting from Spring Semester 2016 no other confirmations will be accepted. The University of Zurich provides the results directly to the MTEC doctoral administration. After degreeing the CPs of the UZH, they will be visible in myStudies.

How to register for UZH courses:
Studying at More Than One University / Module Mobility.
Please contact the UZH directly for any further questions.

--> If you like to assign previous UZH courses (before Spring Semester 2016), please follow the procedure mentioned below under "CP's from other Swiss institutions". After assignment these CP's will not be visible in myStudies.

CP's from other institutions

CP's from other institutions
Credit points acquired in courses from outside the ETH and UZH Course Catalogue will not be entered into the system and will therefore not be visible in myStudies. For these credit points, relevant documented proof must be provided and the doctoral student needs the approval of the respective supervisor and, in case of Non-Swiss institution, the doctoral committee.
For further information about UZH courses, please have a look on: "Proof of CP's acquired at the University of Zurich (UZH)".

The ”Confirmation of Course Attendance sheet” (Testatbogen für Doktorierende), outlining the courses you have selected and attended during your doctoral studies, is an important document, since it officially proves that you have successfully completed these courses.

These documents (in English) have to be hand in to the MTEC doctoral administration:


CP from other Swiss institutions



CP from Non-Swiss institutions


  • Request of the supervisor for the assignment of the CP's
  • Information about the attended e.g. course, summer school, winter school regarding workload, ECTS etc.
  • Original signed confirmation of the CP's which should be assigned (Neither scan nor copy will be accepted)

-> The MTEC doctoral administration forward the request to the doctoral committee for approval.

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