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Qualifying examinations

  • I have to take qualifying examinations for my admission. What is the procedure?

Procedure where there are admission requirements
Important: You must take your qualifying examinations before you can submit your research plan.

Research plan

Research plan

  • When do I have to submit the research plan?

The research plan must be submitted within 12 months of enrolment.
If there is a delay in submitting your research plan, you have to apply for an extension:
Application to extend the deadline for submitting your research plan

Important: Doctoral students who have to take qualifying examinations may only submit their research plan once they have met all the admission requirements.

Proof of acquired credits (CP)


  • How many ECTS do I have to earn during my doctoral studies at D-MTEC?

Generally, at least 18 credit points must be earned.
At least 4 of the credit points to be obtained must be earned outside the doctoral candidates’ field of research. Furthermore, the doctoral candidates are expected to earn at least 4 credit points at ETH.
Detailed regulations relevant at D-MTEC

General information about Doctoral studies

The web application myStudies enables all active ETH Zurich students to execute their administrative tasks online.

Doctoral Thesis

Writing your doctoral thesis

  • Which formal aspects do I have to consider?

Further information about the formal aspects.

Doctoral examination


  • When do I have to register my co-examiner/s?

You have to determine your co-examiner/s, in agreement with your supervisor, no later than three years following the date of provisional admission.

  • Is there any payment for external co-examiners?

In the “directive on payment for taking part in performance assessments at ETH Zurich” (German only), it states that the payment for external co-examiners of theses, including attending the doctoral examination where applicable, should be CHF 400. This excludes co-examiners who are employed in the ETH Domain or at the University of Zurich. The payment is made by the professorship responsible for supervising the thesis.
A possible compensation of travel expenses must be discussed beforehand with the professorship responsible for supervising the thesis.

Registration for the doctoral examination

  • When do I have to register for the doctoral examination?

At least 12 working days (Monday to Friday) before the date of the examination.
Registration form and further information.


  • How can I organize a videoconference if one of my co-examiners cannot attend the doctoral examination?

The minimum number of persons from the Examination Committee obliged to be physically present at any doctoral examination are the chairperson, the examiner and at least one co-examiner.
Further information:
Rectorate’s directive "Physical presence of the Examination Committee at doctoral examinations" (PDF, 29 KB)
The "Videoconferencing factsheet (PDF, 87 KB)" from the Department of Safety, Security, Health and the Environment (SSHE) explains how to organize a videoconference.

After the Doctoral Examination

Final steps

  • What do I have to do after my doctoral examination (e.g. deposit copies, awards ceremony etc.)?

Further information about the final steps.

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