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General information and Advice

  • The Detailed Regulations for Doctoral Studies in
    D-MTEC (see the Documents section) contain important information on the research plan. Please read before writing your research plan.
  • Important information on the research plan is
    also published in the web pages of the Academic Services.
  • The research plan has to be approved by the
    "Doktoratsausschuss" of the department. The approval process
    will be initiated after it has been handed in to the doctoral
    administration of the department.

Handing in the research plan

The research plan must be submitted (please not stapled), together with the original signed approval form of the Academic Services, to the doctoral administration of the department which initiates the approval process by the Doctoral Committee.
Please take note that co-examiner/s has to be registered seperately.

Approval of the research plan

The research plan need to be submitted to the "Doktoratsausschuss" for approval. The Academic Services will then be informed about the approval of the research plan. Subsequently, the doctoral student is officially admitted to the doctoral studies program.
The procedure can take up to 4 weeks; once it has been approved and submitted to the Academic Services, it is visible in myStudies.
The deadline in myStudies indicates the date when the research plan has to be submitted to the Academic Services and not to the MTEC Doctoral Administration.  

Extension of the deadline for submitting the research plan
If there is a delay in submitting your research plan, you need to fill in an "Application to extend the deadline for submitting your research plan".

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