Christmas and New Year Office Closure Notice

The D-MTEC offices are closed for the Christmas and New Year holidays between Wednesday, 23 December 2015 and Friday, 1 January 2016. Read more 


ETH Day: Awards for Outstanding MTEC Lecturer and PhD Theses

The ETH Day on November 21, 2015 was also the occasion to honour outstanding achievements of the year. MTEC lecturer Ulf Claesson was awarded VSETH's Golden Owl award for dedicated and excellent teaching and Dr Sifra Corver and Dr Mario Tomasello received the Zurich Dissertation Prize 2015 for their PhD theses. Read more 


A fair climate deal in sight?

Today, the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) is opening. Representatives of more than 200 countries, among them Prof. Lucas Bretschger from ETH D-MTEC, aim to negotiate a new trendsetting agreement on reducing global carbon emissions. Read more 


14th Logistics Day at ETH Zurich

Around 250 participants from industrial, retail and service industries had the opportunity to enjoy fresh insights about top management views on supply chain management during the Logistics Day in cooperation with the Kühne Foundation. The event was organized by Prof. Dr. Stephan M. Wagner and his team. Read more 


MTEC Corporate Master Thesis Program 2016

The MTEC Corporate Master Thesis Program provides a distinct group of MTEC MSc students with the opportunity to write an in-company master thesis in an area of high strategic impact. Read more 


How a Mobile App Might Make Your Neighborhood Safer

To increase the safety in Switzerland, the Mobiliar Lab for Analytics, a research group within the Chair of Information Management at D-MTEC, has developed a mobile app which enables individuals to actively contribute to the safety in their neighborhoods. It builds upon proven principles for crime reduction such as crime mapping and neighborhood watch. The potential of this approach is currently tested as part of a large-scale study, which is running in Zurich and Uster until the mid of December. Read more 


Former Federal Councillor Micheline Calmy-Rey on Swiss Foreign Policy and Nuclear Disarmament

Which assets does Switzerland have to make its voice heard in a changing world and how can it contribute to the solution of global challenges? Taking the example of nuclear disarmament Prof. Micheline Calmy-Rey explores the challenges and strengths of Swiss foreign policy in today’s multipolar and interdependent world. Her guest lecture at ETH Zurich within the framework of Prof. Michael Ambühl’s lecture series "Contemporary Conflict Management" will take place on Monday, November 9, 2015. Read more 


Ideas for the World of Tomorrow

D-MTEC professors take a visionary look into the future at the occasion of the next edition of the popular “Treffpunkt Science City” event series at ETH. Between October, 25 and November 22, 2015 the ETH offers interesting lectures, science talks, demonstrations, exhibitions and laboratory tours on the subject “resources on earth”. The programme includes a range of events aimed at adults, young people and children. Read more 


CWTS Leiden Ranking 2015 confirms D-MTEC scientific performance

The ETH scientific performance in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities (D-MTEC and D-GESS) was ranked 1st in Europe and 14th worldwide in the 2015 CWTS Leiden Ranking (ranking indicators: proportion of top 50% publications and a minimum publication output of 500). Read more 

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Top Positions for ETH Economists in Research Rankings

Prof. Peter Egger of ETH Zurich took first place in a recent ranking by the German newspaper Handelsblatt that evaluated the research performance of economic scientists. Austrian-born Peter Egger is professor for applied economics at ETH’s Department Management, Technology and Economics (D-MTEC). Read more 

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