ETH Medals for Philippe Muller and Konstantinos Trantopoulos


Two MTEC researchers were awarded the prestigious ETH Medal for their outstanding PhD theses by ETH Rector Prof. Sarah Springman. Congratulations!


Dr. Philippe Muller received the prize for his doctoral thesis entitled "Elections and Costs of Policy Change". During his doctoral studies, he developed models of political competition where changes of policies impose costs on citizens. In addition to investigating the effect of the costs of change on election outcomes and office-holders’ policy choices, he identified an institutional feature that could curb policy polarization in practice. His thesis was supervised by Prof. Hans Gersbach of the Chair of Macroeconomics: Innovation and Policy. After the completion of his doctoral studies, Dr. Philippe Muller decided to continue his research on Political Economy and Applied Game Theory as a postdoctoral researcher at the ETH Risk Center. Download abstract (PDF, 616 KB)

In his doctoral thesis, Dr. Konstantinos Trantopoulos focused on strategic investments, innovation, and business transformation in today's rapidly changing economic landscape. His thesis, entitled "The Changing Face of Innovation: Implications for Strategy and Firm Performance" has been written at the Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation under the supervision of Prof. Georg von Krogh. Currently Dr. Konstantinos Trantopoulos is working as Senior Fellow at IMD Business School in Switzerland. Download abstract (PDF, 360 KB)

Each year, ETH Zurich honours outstanding doctoral theses with a Silver Medal and a financial sum. The prize was awarded at the doctoral awards ceremony on January 20, 2017.

Congratulations to both award winners!

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