Prof. Netland takes stock of Global Lean Management Research


Together with Daryl J. Powell, MTEC Professor Torbjörn Netland, Chair of Production and Operations Management, edited the Routledge Companion to Lean Management recently published by Routledge. The volume brings together key writers on the lean management agenda.

Interest in the phenomenon known as "lean" has grown significantly in recent years. This is the first book to provide an academically rigorous overview of the field of lean management, introducing the reader to the application of lean in diverse areas - from the production floor to sales and marketing, from the automobile industry to academic institutions. 72 leading authors and up-and-coming scholars from 15 countries contribute to the 40 chapters.

Niklas Modig, Stockholm School of Economics, states the following in praise of the work: "When Quincy Jones produced the song We Are the World, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie, he gathered what he called 'the supergroup'. The most admired singers in the world contributed with their best tones in ONE song. This is a book where Netland and Powell have done the very same thing, but on the 'lean arena'. They have gathered the most admired 'lean singers' in the world where everyone contributes with their best 'lean tones'. This is a megahit! Enjoy the rhythm!"

Interested in checking out the beat of lean? Learn more about the book in this video, catch a preview or order the book here.

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