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In spring 2017 around 40 students of the MAS ETH MTEC programme travelled to China as part of a study trip. The 6-day journey took the MAS students to Shanghai and offered a unique insight into the business world of China, as well as the opportunity to experience Chinese culture.

The Bund Shanghai
View from the waterfront area The Bund in central Shanghai, China.

The agenda featured visits to Chinese and Swiss companies, as well as the Swiss Center Shanghai. The visits were complemented with lectures from distinguished professors and experts of local origin. The talks explored topics such as “How to do business in China”, “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in China” and “Chinese Companies going abroad”. Additionally, the important topic surrounding IP protection in China was discussed in detail. Last but not least, the trip included several alumni networking events and touristic highlights, such as a visit to the Yu Garden and the waterfront Bund in central Shanghai. On the last day, the students jointly reflected on their impressions and the new knowledge gained from their trip.

With a trade volume of approximately 30 billion Swiss Francs each year, China is currently Switzerland's most important trading partner in Asia, and the third-largest globally after the EU and the United States.

This study trip will be offered to participants of the MAS MTEC programme again in 2018. Application will open in fall 2017 and participation is optional.

yu garden
Yu Garden, an extensive Chinese garden located in the northeast of the Old City of Shanghai, China.

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