MTEC keeps on running at Sola 2017


For the fifth consecutive year, the MTEC Chair of Sustainability and Technology formed the SusTec team to participate in the 44th edition of the annual ASVZ running contest “Sola Run”. But this year they were challenged by the newly formed MTEC Speedo Team of 14 highly motivated members from seven different MTEC chairs.

MTEC Speedo Team at the Sola Run 2017

Close to 1000 running teams were lining up when Sola 2017 took off on 6 May 2017. Weather conditions were less than ideal, but nevertheless both MTEC teams successfully mastered the hilly course in and around Zurich of 114 kilometres distance and 2645 meters elevation difference. While the MTEC Speedo team completed the run in 10 hours and 57 minutes, the MTEC internal competition this time was clearly won by the SusTec team with a total time of 9 hours and 32 minutes and an excellent overall rank of 219.

Congratulations to both teams!

The next next spring. Sola 2018, we are coming!

Team SusTec  
Team SusTec at the Sola Run 2017

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