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The spring semester is already over, and it’s high time to prepare for next autumn. MTEC decided to launch a number of exciting new courses, with topics ranging from “Digital Transformation” to “Mathematics in Politics and Law”. Two of these courses are highlighted in this article: Dr. Jana Thiel’s Deep Science Entrepreneurship course and Dr. Irena Pletikosa’s Executive Data Science course.

The MTEC course “Deep Science Entrepreneurship” (363-1095-00) enables students to understand the entrepreneurial challenges and key strategic decisions in high-tech startups. Creating value from scientific and technological inventions is often a lengthy, complex and resource-intensive process, fraught with challenges and pitfalls for the enterprising individual or team. The lecturers, Dr. Jana Thiel and Professor Bart Clarysse, aim to help students who have a strong science or engineering background to understand and master some of the key challenges of turning science into products, and ultimately operating businesses. In so doing, they adopt a strongly entrepreneurial perspective as a potential science-based entrepreneur.

The “Executive Data Science” course (363-1093-00) aims to provide knowledge on core concepts from the field of Data Science. Many companies are recognizing data as a key asset, allowing them to distinguish themselves in the market and gain a competitive advantage. While data science and its related disciplines have seen significant growth in the last years, especially in research communities, applying these techniques for solving business problems and integrating data analytics into internal and external processes is still a challenge for many companies. Through use cases and hands-on examples, students will learn about the steps which should to be taken on the path towards becoming a data-driven company, and about the options available to approach and solve specific business problems.

Eager to learn more? Check out the specific teaching portfolios of our faculty in the MTEC Chair Guide (PDF, 3.3 MB) or visit our programme websites:

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