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The MTEC foundation aims to support innovative and relevant research and education projects at the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich.

Request Funding

All professors, researchers and students at D-MTEC are eligible to submit a funding request (PDF, 121 KB) Funding requests must be substantiated on their scientific merits and financial characteristics.

In particular, applicants shall provide information on:

  • rationale for the proposed project 
  • the state of the art in the research field
  • the applicants activities in the field 
  • a summary of planned activities and an assessment of the relevance for D-MTEC 
  • an outline of the project budget with own contributions, third-party contributions, and the requested contribution.

For additional requirements please refer to the

MTEC Foundation Board

The Foundation Board is the ultimate governing body of MTEC Foundation and comprises the following members:

Name Role

Dr. Eduard Rikli


Felix Tobler

Managing Director

Dr. Peter Acél

Board Member

Dr. Martin Folini

Board Member

Prof. Dr. Gudela Grote

Board Member

Katharina Hagenauer

Board Member

Dr. Philipp Müller

Board Member

Supported Projects

Since 2006 the MTEC Foundation has invested more than 1.5 million Swiss francs in MTEC research projects, which are listed below.

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Project Researcher
The relationship between persistence and search: An experimental study Brusoni Stefano
Laureiro Daniella
Creating more potent technology-based tools for behaviour change: Evaluation of two field studies on resource conservation Tiefenbeck Verena 
Goette Lorenz
Staake Thorsten
Active through incentive mechanisms: The "AIM" study – a new approach to encourage physically inactive people to move Waloszek Christian
Klenk Christopher
Current state and possible developments of digitization in Swiss industry Wörter Martin


Project Researcher
Organisationsbeitrag an: Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics EAERE 2016 Bretschger Lucas
R&D tax incentives and their impact on patented innovation Egger Peter

Organizational innovations for technological development: Case studies on energy efficient building technologies

Meuer Johannes
Health services as credence goods: A field experiment Mimra Wanda


Project Researcher
Value implications of service transitions Arnold Armin 
Becker Jochen
Real-time forecasting with mixed-frequency data Siliverstovs Boriss
Neuwirth Stefan
The impact of environmentally friendly innovations on value added – a comparison with innovation activities in ICT, biotechnology, and nanotechnology Wörter Martin 
Stucki Tobias


Project Researcher

The influence of interaction patterns on success in socio-technical systems: From theory to practice

Schweitzer Frank


Project Researcher
Improving business cycle indicators with Bayesian qualitative FAVAR
Sturm Jan-Egbert
Sarferaz Samad
Mikosch Heiner

Learning from safety-relevant events in healthcare: A causal mapping approach to study the role of mental models and action repertoires

Pfeiffer Yvonne
Carroll John Stephen


Project Researcher
Where does technological convergence come from? Exploring the microfoundations of knowledge spillovers Hacklin Fredrik
Wallin Martin
Profitability of cleantech innovations and diffusion of knowledge Wörter Martin
Stucky Tobias


Project Researcher

Constructing a dynamic multi-region simulation model to predict the long-run impact of carbon policies

Bretschger Lucas
Ramer Roger
On sense and nonsense of the level of managerial pay Egger Peter
Technological and economic assessment of wind and solar power technologies – strategic implications for Swiss firms  Hoffmann Volker


Project Researcher
Applied research and optimal speed of innovation Gersbach Hans
The Financial Bubble Experiment: Towards real-time diagnostic of developing financial instabilities Sornette Didier
Knowledge Divide: The K-Village project Sutanto Juliana
Work-Life-Balance – trotz oder wegen Freiwilligenarbeit? Bauer Georg


Project Researcher

A computable equilibrium model of traffic, housing and wages

Rutherford Thomas
Knowledge sharing in healthcare community Von Krogh Georg


Project Researcher
Project for establishing a CTI project: "Location-sourcing in emerging markets, methodology and processes utilizing the potentials for sourcing in global value added networks" Schönsleben Paul
Proof-of-concept of a trust-based recommender system using social networks Schweitzer Frank
Battiston Stefano
Walter Frank
The location of firm headquarters in Switzerland Sturm Jan-Egbert
Nitsch Volker
Predicting and managing cyber risks using agent-based models and complexity theory Sornette Didier


Project Researcher
Creating and measuring value of young biotech companies in Switzerland Schicker Alexander
Institutional determinants of start-ups and entrepreneurship Sturm Jan-Egbert
Dreher Axel
Freigemeinnütziges Engagement von KMU: Eine praxisbezogene Untersuchung der Voraussetzungen und Rahmenbedingungen Wehner Theo
Gentile Claudio
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