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Who should apply?

  • The Master of Science ETH in Management, Technology and Economics (MSc ETH MTEC) welcomes applications from entrepreneurial-minded students holding a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, technology or other natural sciences from internationally recognised universities.
  • Details on qualifying Bachelor’s degrees, additional requirements, and the application process can be found on the ETH Admissions Office’s website

What are ETH tuition fees and what costs of living in Switzerland should I budget?

  • The tuition fee is 580 Swiss francs per semester.
  • However, you should budget about 21,000 Swiss francs (19,000 Euro) per year for the cost of living in Zurich (accommodation, subsistence, health insurance, etc.).
  • A very limited number of scholarships are available for applicants with outstanding academic records. For more answers to your financial questions check here

Where can I find more information about the application?

You can find more information on the MSc MTEC admission page or refer to the ETH Admissions Office’s website

Where should I apply for the MSc ETH MTEC?

The application consists of two parts:

  1. Complete the online application first
  2. Send a printout with all necessary documents by mail to the ETH Admissions Office

Tutor System

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What is a tutor?

  • The tutor is a faculty member of the D-MTEC, who, together with the student, plans an individualised specialisation programme (including core, elective, and supplementary courses).
  • He also supervises the student’s Master's thesis and helps the student with questions concerning the industrial internship or international mobility.
  • In addition, the student can be supported by a mentor (a PostDoc or doctoral student of the tutor) during the writing process.

When do I have to choose the tutor?

  • By the end of the first semester you must inform the Student Administration via the learning agreement on myStudies about your tutor choice.
  • The learning agreement must be accepted by the tutor via eDoz.
  • In some cases, you will work with a PostDoc or doctoral student. With the learning agreement you will also choose your supplementary courses in coordination with your tutor.

Can I change the tutor during my studies?

  • A tutor change is possible if you have compelling reasons and both, your current and future tutor support the change.
  • In this case, you have to write an E-mail to the Director of Studies indicating the tutor change and Cc. your old and new tutor and the MTEC Administration Office, Ms. Prisca Rohr


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How many credit points (CP) are required for the MSc ETH MTEC programme?

Course Categories Credit Points  
Core courses

min. 51 CP (incl. 42 CP according to regulations, Art. 39 (PDF, 98 KB))

Elective courses
at least 10 CP
Supplementary courses
at least 12 CP
Master's thesis
30 CP
06 CP
11 CP, earned by core courses, elective courses listed in the MTEC course catalogue or supplementary courses
Total  120 CP   

Download the current study plan here (PDF, 27 KB)

How do MTEC courses from my previous studies affect my Master's studies at D-MTEC?

ETH students who have already completed courses in the core subjects of the MSc MTEC, cannot repeat these courses during the MSc MTEC programme.

If the courses were part of a Bachelor's programme or another degree programme, the credit point requirement in the core courses of a skill area are reduced accordingly.

However, according to regulations, art. 22, par. 2d (PDF, 98 KB)

  • A reduction of the minimum number of credits (42 CP) required in core courses is not permitted.
  • 120 ECTS credit points must be acquired over the course of the MSc MTEC programme.

What are supplementary courses?

  • Courses in the field of the Bachelor’s degree. The level of courses is not specified.
  • According to regulations, Art. 21 (PDF, 98 KB) the supplementary courses must be chosen from courses outside of the department MTEC and aim to strengthen and deepen your technical background. They should not focus on management issues (even though they might be offered through other departments).
  • Supplementary courses are meant to be chosen, together with your tutor, to reinforce your skills in engineering and/or natural sciences. They need to be documented in the learning agreement on myStudies

How do I choose supplementary courses?

Can I choose language courses as electives?

Performance Assessments

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When do examinations take place?

Examinations mostly take place at the end of each semester. For more information click here

Examination scheduling at D-MTEC:

  • End-of-semester examinations are carried out during calendar weeks 2-3 (autumn semester) and 23-24 (spring semester)
  • Session examinations are carried out during calendar weeks 4-7 (autumn semester) and 32-35 (spring semester)
  • Semester performances can also take place during the semester.

Where are examination dates published?

  • Session examinations: The schedule for session examinations will be published in myStudies
  • End-of-semester examinations: No examination schedule is displayed in myStudies for end-of-semester examinations. A detailed end-of-semester examination schedule is available on the MTEC website.

How can I access examination results?

  • The results of performance assessments decreed can be checked in myStudies. Students may view their completed, written exam copies within 6 months.
  • For details, please consult the Directive of the Rectorate: Viewing and transfer of performance assessment records
  • Students have the right of appeal and means of legal redress regarding grades: If students do not agree with the grades and performance evaluations issued, they can proceed by either lodging an appeal or seeking legal redress.


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How can I find a company?

  • Students can largely act on their own initiative when choosing their internship.
  • Students can look up organizations who recently worked with MTEC interns and learn about topics MTEC students focus on during their internships on the MTEC Internship Platform
  • Internship positions can be found here: MTEC Website and OBIS Website
  • MTEC students are encouraged to explore international internship opportunities via professional organisations such as IEASTE

What do I have to do before I start with the internship?

  1. Check out the Internship Guidelines. (PDF, 41 KB)
  2. Register for the internship via the MTEC Internship Platform.
  3. During the registration process you have to state the internship organisation, objectives and tasks for your internship.
  4. The registration has to be acknowledged by the MTEC Student Administration, Ms. Prisca Rohr.
  5. Once the registration has been confirmed, the internship has to be registered via myStudies to ensure the correct awarding of the 6 credit points.

What do I have to do after completing the internship?

Please submit your internship report via the MTEC Internship Platform and upload the confirmation certificate of the host organisation.

Are there any administrative requirements for international students?

  • International students from non-EU countries need to provide to the prospective employer a confirmation from the department MTEC, that the internship is mandatory.
  • To obtain such a confirmation from D-MTEC, please contact:

Master's Thesis

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When can I register for the Master's thesis?

  • You must have passed your Bachelor’s degree.
  • You must have sucessfully completed the MTEC internship.
  • You must have passed the academic writing course.

How do I decide on a topic?

  • The student shall choose an appropriate topic in collaboration with the tutor.
  • The tutor defines the tasks which have to be addressed and the evaluation criteria.

Do I have to attend specific preparation courses before I start with my Master's thesis?

When do I have to submit my Master's thesis and in which form?

  • The Master's thesis is written on a full-time basis and lasts six months.
  • The tutor defines the starting date and the submission deadline, which are shown in myStudies
  • The signed Declaration of Originality (PDF, 622 KB) is a component of the Master's thesis.
  • The submission form (bounded, PDF-file, etc.) is carried out in agreement with the tutor.

What happens if I do not hand in my Master's thesis in time?

  • The Master’s thesis should be submitted within six months.
  • The Master's thesis is considered failed if it is handed in too late ("Verspätete Abgabe der Masterarbeit gilt als nicht bestanden" as per Leistungskontrollenverordnung, Art. 11, Abs. 1).

Can I postpone the submission deadline?

The Director of Studies may on request approve an extension if cogent reasons are given.

How long are Master's theses archived by the chair?

Can I get paid for my Master's thesis?

No. A payment for the Master's thesis is not possible.

Where can I get information concerning plagiarism?

  • Understanding and avoiding plagiarism is an important issue in academia.
  • Therefore, you must have completed the academic writing course before starting your Master’s thesis.

Military Service

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Can my military service be postponed (Dienstverschiebung) during my studies?


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What are the course fees?

ETH course fees are relatively moderate compared to other top academic institutions in the world. For details, please refer to the ETH student page

Am I entitled to a travel allowance?

An application for travel allowances may be made to the Scholarship Office for individual journeys that are closely associated with a course of study or doctoral programme.

International Student Exchange

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Where can I learn about international student exchange at D-MTEC?

Am I eligible for an international exchange?

  • All Master's students with an ETH Bachelor's degree are eligible for the regular student exchange programmes.
  • If you are a Master's student with a Bachelor's degree from another university, you can study abroad via a self-organised stay, by writing your Master's thesis abroad or by participating in IARU summer programmes

How many credit points can I obtain abroad?

Within the MTEC Master’s studies, up to 30 credit points can be acquired by participating in international exchange programmes.

Who should I contact if I am interested in going abroad?

After checking the MTEC website and the information for ETH Mobility you are welcome to contact Dr. Jost Hamschmidt with any remaining questions.

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