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The Master's of Science in Management, Technology and Economics (MSc ETH MTEC) is a 4 semesters programme consisting of 3 semesters of lectures and a final Master’s thesis completed within 6 months.

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Tutor System

The programme is tutor-driven. The aim of the tutor system is to facilitate a personalized curriculum for the student and to provide individual one-to-one support. This ensures a specialised education, taking into account the student’s talents and expectations.

During the first semester, the student selects a faculty member working in the desired research area to be his/her academic tutor. If appropriate, a research assistant of the faculty can support this process as a mentor.

Information about the research fields and teaching areas of each chair can be found in the MTEC Chair Guide (PDF, 3.3 MB). Further information about our faculty can be found here

D-MTEC also organises a Master's Fair at the beginning of each Autumn Semester to facilitate the process of identifying potential tutors and mentors. By the end of the first semester, students have to choose a tutor and submit an online agreement between the Master’s tutor and the student via myStudies.

MTEC Master's Fair 2017: 04 December 2017

Structure of the Programme

Together with the chosen tutor, students develop a study programme comprising the following elements:

Elements Credits
Core courses
at least 51 ECTS (incl. 42 ECTS according to Regulations (PDF, 98 KB) Art. 22 and 39)
Elective courses
at least 10 ECTS
Supplementary courses
at least 12 ECTS
Industrial internship
Master's thesis

In order to obtain the Master's degree you have to achieve 120 credit points.

Skill Areas & Core Courses

Elective Courses

The core courses are supplemented by elective courses which are freely selectable from the course catalogue of D-MTEC. Elective courses comprise at least 10 ECTS.

Detailed information can be found here

Supplementary Courses

These courses aim to deepen the knowledge in the areas of engineering and/or natural sciences acquired during the Bachelor's studies. Supplementary courses comprise at least 12 credit points and are chosen in consultation with the tutor.

Supplementary courses should be documented in a Learning Agreement, which needs to submitted via myStudies and be accepted by the tutor by January 30.

Field of Specialisation

Individually combined core and elective courses guarantee in-depth knowledge in a chosen field of specialisation. Together with the tutor, students choose an adequate combination of courses in their major. The Master’s thesis is often written in the student’s field of specialisation.

Industrial Internship

The industrial internship is an excellent opportunity to touch base with the job market and gain exposure. The internship is mandatory and lasts at least 10 weeks.

Detailed information can be found here

Master's Thesis

The Master's thesis lasts six months and is written on a full-time basis. It is supervised by the tutor and normally deals with a subject chosen from the 6 skill areas.

Detailed information can be found here


The MSc MTEC Regulations are the basis of the  programme and provide comprehensive information about the studies.
They are provided in German (PDF, 163 KB) (legally binding) and English (PDF, 98 KB) (translation with no legal force).

The appendix to the programme regulations sets out the prerequisites regarding admission to the MSc ETH MTEC programme. Download German version (PDF, 60 KB) (legally binding) and English version (PDF, 58 KB) (translation with no legal force).

Course Registration

All courses that are available each semester at ETH Zurich are published in the course catalogue (VVZ).  For each new semester the course catalogue is generally published in the calendar week 20 (autumn semester) and in the calender week 46 (spring semester).

The Programme Regulations (PDF, 98 KB) and Study Guide (PDF, 1.6 MB) provide additional information on the courses offered by D-MTEC.

You have to register for courses on myStudies

Online Platform myStudies

The online platform myStudies is an application for students to administrate their studies.

Among the most important activities in myStudies include:

  • Enroll for the new semester
  • Register for courses
  • Register for examinations
  • Select the tutor
  • Fill in the Learning Agreement (Supplementary Courses)
  • See the Transcript of Records
  • Request to Issue the Degree

Detailed information can be found here

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