Entrepreneurial Leadership Seminar 2017

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What is it about?

This seminar provides ambitious students with a rewarding learning opportunity: A real case on strategy and innovation in close collaboration with the top management of an outstanding Swiss technology company: Georg Fischer (GF).

GF comprises three divisions: GF Piping Systems, GF Automotive, and GF Machining Solutions. Founded in 1802, the Corporation is headquartered in Switzerland and is present in 33 countries with 131 companies, 51 of them production facilities. Its approximately 14 800 employees generated sales of CHF 3.74 billion in 2016. GF is the preferred partner of its customers for the safe transport of liquids and gases, lightweight casting components in vehicles, and high-precision manufacturing technologies.

What you can expect from us

You will work in teams on specific assignments that flow from the current strategic agenda of GF's top management. GF recently launched the Strategy 2020, which lays out the direction for the next years. The goal of the Strategy 2020 is “profitable expansion” – based on the three strategic thrusts:

1.   Expand in growth markets

2.   Shift divisions’ portfolio towards higher margin businesses

3.   Drive sales and innovation excellence

Each team will work on a specific Strategy 2020 project of one of the three divisions. In order to gain insights into the company and GF's culture, you will receive briefings by the top management, including a personal meeting with GF's CEO, Yves Serra, conduct interviews with key stakeholders and experts within GF, and the visit one of the production sites. For the final presentations, you will pitch your findings to GF's CEO, Yves Serra, and the Heads of the three Divisions.

Before you present your strategic advice to the Board, you are supported and coached by MTEC faculty, namely:

  • Pius Baschera, President of the Board of Trustees of ETH Zurich Foundation, Prof. em. for Entrepreneurship
  • Stefano Brusoni, Chair of Technology and Innovation Management
  • Gudela Grote, Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Torbjörn Netland, Chair of Production and Operations Management
  • Georg von Krogh, Chair of Strategic Management and Innovation
  • Claude Siegenthaler, Course Coordinator and Leadership Coach

The course is organized as part of the MTEC Leadership Development Partnership Programme.

What we expect from you

You are an ambitious student interested in leadership topics and you don’t hesitate to go the extra mile. In teams, you will work on cases based on selected strategic challenges. The recommendations that you formulate in collaboration with members of your team as well as with internal and external experts will be discussed on Partner and Director level and demand a deep understanding of the company's leadership culture and the GF experience.


Apply no later than Sunday, August 27. Early registrations are welcome.

The number of participants is limited to 18. You’ll earn 4 ECTS and receive a participation certificate.

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