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The MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab is a collaborative workspace dedicated to further developing the MTEC culture of learning and promoting teaching innovations at MTEC and beyond.

Lecturers, teaching assistants, tutors, and students find a place to brainstorm and conceptualize courses, learning environments, and exam designs. The Lab aims to become an MTEC hub for creativity on formal and non-formal educational formats, small-sized train-the-trainer sessions, and other arrangements that facilitate effective learning processes.

We support a culture of transformative learning processes, enabling MTEC students to understand and tackle grand challenges in business, technology, and society.

Therefore, the MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab promotes the exchange of the best teaching practices and innovations in teaching, supporting our faculty to translate the MTEC Vision into practice. We are grateful to SwissRe and the ETH Foundation for making this project possible.


The MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Facilitating systematic knowledge sharing about best-practice teaching modules and methods at D-MTEC.
  2. Training faculty and teaching assistants to refine and co-create effective learning processes and methods (e.g. peer-to-peer learning, action based learning, simulations, blended learning, MOOCS, case-based learning, case writing skills development, etc.).
  3. Establishing a physical space for coaching sessions and small workshops. 
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