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The D-MTEC Doctoral Programmes build on the strengths of the department’s faculty and offers its students a broad-based education in the field of Management, Technology and Economics provided by an outstanding international faculty. The programmes seeks to help its students acquire the necessary background knowledge to become independent researchers and scholars in their fields of expertise.

The doctoral programmes  at D-MTEC are offered in economics and in management. The programmes are led by directors of graduate studies, who are appointed by the department and are at the same time members of the Doctoral Committee.

Doctoral Programme in Economics

The doctoral programme in economics provides complementary education in a wide range of economics (micro, macro, energy, environmental, political) and in econometrics.

Doctoral Programme in Management

The doctoral programme in management provides the opportunity to extend your knowledge and understanding regarding relations and interactions between technology, organizations, and resources.

The programmes place particular emphasis on understanding the interplay of technology, organizations, and society and on implications for natural and human resources.

The intensity of the programmes demands energy and zeal in the pursuit of greater understanding and a willingness to master the economic, managerial, statistical, and mathematical sciences that are the essential components of academic research in economics and management disciplines. The original research presented in a candidate’s doctoral dissertation is the culmination of his or her academic preparation, and conferral of a Doctor of Sciences degree signifies the attainment of expert competence in a major field of economics or management.

The dissertation advisor plays a key role in guiding students through the program. Although primary coursework and research activities are concentrated in a student’s field of specialization, this does not limit the range of subjects that may be studied; cross-disciplinary study is frequent and encouraged. Regular conferences between the student and faculty advisor are instrumental in helping to map a blueprint for study that both integrates the required and elective coursework and reflects the student’s unique interests.

Admission criteria are specified by the Doctoral Committee and admission to the programme requires the approval of ETH Zurich and an elected professor at D-MTEC. Students from each programme (management or economics) are welcome to take courses in the other programme. The Doctoral Committee is supported by a doctoral programme administrator.

Tillmann Lang, PhD candidate, MTEC Group for Sustainability and Technology
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