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Entrepreneurial Skill Development @ D-MTEC

Entrepreneurial skills are not only relevant for start-ups, large corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the relevance of employees with entrepreneurial skills. The implication for students is that these skills are becoming a valuable asset regardless of whether they want to become an entrepreneur or work for a large corporation. Read more 


Polybahn Pitch featuring Elgar Fleisch

Riding the Polybahn from Central up to ETH Zurich with Elgar Fleisch: the Professor of Information Management at ETH Zurich tells us how the Internet of Things allows the development of better therapies for chronically ill people. Read more 


MTEC at ETH Study Information Days 2016

On September 7-8, 2016, ETH Zurich will welcome prospective students at the annual study information days (Studieninformationstage) in the ETH main building (Rämistrasse 101) Read more 


A Pitch to ABB Switzerland’s Management Board?

Learn about organizational culture and leadership while working on current strategic challenges – this year with ABB Switzerland. The Call for Applications to the Entrepreneurial Leadership Seminar 2016 is open. Read more 


A Rethink of Nuclear Risk Assessment

Prof. Didier Sornette and Dr Spencer Wheatley, D-MTEC and a researcher at the University of Sussex, England, have carried out the biggest-ever statistical analysis of historical nuclear accidents. It suggests that nuclear power is a currently underappreciated extreme risk and that major changes will be needed to prevent future disasters. Read more 

Studies at D-MTEC

We provide a highly competitive Master of Science in Management, Technology and Economics, a Master of Advanced Studies programme and an Executive MBA in Supply Chain Management.

Doctoral Studies at D-MTEC

D-MTEC offers doctoral studies in management, economics, systems design and risk. D-MTEC also provides seminars and lectures in management and economics to other departments and master programmes at the ETH Zurich.

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